Rubber Tree Wells

Khandesh Tree Wells are a beautiful, economical, and environmentally friendly tree surround option.

Rubber tree wells are porous and create a healthy environment for the tree and its roots by allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the tree roots below ground. They are uniquely designed to protect tree roots and encourage deep rooting thereby reducing the risk of trip hazards from root heave and sidewalk cracking.

Less costly than metal tree grates, Rubberway’s porous rubber tree wells come with a number of additional benefits such as flexibility and reduced maintenance time and costs. The flexibility of Khandesh allows it to flex rather than crack with tree growth, and as the tree grows and the base expands, the rubber tree well can be trimmed back to allow for further tree growth.

The Rubber Tree Well System

Rubberway’s rubber tree wells are mixed on site, then poured in place and hand troweled. Single layer and dual layer systems are available in a number of colors and additional custom design options are available as well.


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