EPDM Rubber Granules

Khandesh Rubtech Pvt Ltd is a market leader in the production of epdm rubber granules for sports, playgrounds, and recreational surfaces. The design of EPDM rubber granules is based on their softness, their durability, and their resistance to colour fading..

We consistently produce high-quality epdm rubber granules. As a market leader in rubber flooring and rubber granules, we are committed to provide the high quality epdm rubber granules in the broadest range of colours.

We offer a wide variety of colours in our epdm rubber granules. In addition to our standard range of 18 colours, we can also blend custom colours upon request. This will assist in identifying distinctive design elements for sports surfaces, playground areas, and jogging tracks.


The best rubber compound available is EPDM “Virgin” rubber granules, produced under controlled conditions in order to achieve specified properties. Blending takes place in the mixer machine using carefully selected components including rubber, oil, pigments, and chemical additives..


The vulcanised compound is then hardened but still flexible in the autoclave. Granulating the compound into small, uniform grains of a specified size is the final stage of production (fraction). The compounding of material has been verified in the laboratory at various stages with satisfactory granules of good quality.

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