Butyl Reclaim Rubber

Reclaimed rubber, also known as recycled rubber, is rubber made from recycled material. It is usually made from scrapped tires, which are shredded and then processed to produce rubber granules. This rubber can then be used in the production of a variety of rubber products. Reclaimed rubber is used in rubber products that require good elasticity and resilience. It is also used to m

ake hoses, rubber bands, conveyor belts, shoe soles and other rubber products. In some cases, it is used in the production of tires. Reclaimed rubber is a costeffective and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin rubber.

Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber, a copolymer of isobutylene with isoprene. Generally it’s called as IIR. It stands for isobutylene isoprene rubber. Butyl rubber is impermeable to air and used in many applications requiring an airtight rubber.


  • Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Tire Inner Liner
  • Adhesives, Cables
  • Hoses, Black Coloured Rubber Product.
  • Sound Dampener