Recycled PVC Granules

Recycled PVC Granules

Welcome to Khandesh Group – a leading manufacturer of recycled PVC granules!

At Khandesh Group, we are committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our customers. Our recycled PVC granules are produced using advanced recycling technology and are of the highest quality.

Our products are widely used in various industries, including automotive, construction, packaging, and many others. We offer a wide range of PVC granules, including transparent, colored, and various grades of hardness.

We understand the importance of delivering products on time and strive to ensure that our customers receive their orders promptly. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and highly skilled workforce enable us to produce PVC granules in large quantities while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We Provide Our Best In Class Product

Recycling PVC helps to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill waste. It also reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new PVC products.

There are two main methods for recycling PVC:

  • Mechanical recycling: This method involves grinding PVC scraps into small pieces and then melting them down into pellets.
  • Chemical recycling: This method involves breaking down PVC into its chemical components and then using these components to create new PVC products.

Here are some of the benefits of using recycled PVC granules:

  • Reduces landfill waste: Recycling PVC helps to keep PVC scraps out of landfills, which can conserve valuable landfill space.
  • Conserves natural resources: Recycling PVC helps to conserve petroleum resources, which are used to make virgin PVC.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions: Recycling PVC helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contributes to climate change.
  • Saves energy: Recycling PVC requires less energy than producing virgin PVC.
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