Running Track Flooring

Khandesh rubber running tracks provide an ergonomic, safe, non-slip surface for walking, jogging, and overall physical fitness. Perfect for schools, recreation centres, military bases, communities, and corporate campuses, our rubber training tracks are specifically designed to offer pedestrians and joggers a low-impact, good traction, firm yet resilient running track surface.

Khandesh running tracks are porous, allowing water to drain through for quick drying and for stormwater management. These systems are also flexible which reduces the impact to the joints and avoids cracking from the movement of under strata or tree root growth.

Numerous Khandesh systems can be customized to varying levels of thickness, porosity, and resilience for the ideal rubber running track or jogging trail.

Single Layer Running Tracks

Khandesh’s previous rubber pavement system is perfect for walking and jogging trails as well as running tracks. These rubber running tracks are constructed of a largely recycled crumb rubber granule that allows for rapid drainage, quick drying, and stormwater management. This easy to install, single layer system is made from 100% recycled rubber that is encapsulated in colour and is available in black, dark brown, brick red, green, tan, and grey.

Dual Layer Running Tracks

Khandesh dual layer rubber running tracks consist of a base layer made from 100% recycled post-consumer rubber topped with a 1/2″ colour wear layer made from virgin rubber that is coloured throughout. This coloured virgin rubber wear layer ensures a UV resistant, long-lasting, colourfast surface.

This rubber running track allows joggers and athletes to exercise safely while being able to support wheelchairs, strollers, and bicycles as well.

This rubber running track system is available in a wide variety of colours.

Contact us for help specifying the correct system for your project needs. 


  • Porosity provides stormwater management, rapid drainage, and quick drying
  • Resilience reduces the impact on joints
  • Comfortable surface for walking and jogging
  • Safe, non-slip surface with a high coefficient of friction
  • Flexibility avoids cracking due to the movement of understrata or tree root growth
  • Made from recycled and regional materials
  • Variety of systems, colours, and design options available

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