Pervious Rubber Pavements

Khandesh Pervious Pavements is a porous rubber pavement system composed of 100% recycled post-consumer tires. With drainage rates of up to 2,000 gallons per square foot, Khandesh Pervious Pavement is a great on-site stormwater management solution.

The large recycled crumb rubber granulate used in Khandesh Pervious Pavement creates a very porous, open grid surface allowing for rapid drainage and quick drying. This provides valuable filtration, stormwater management, and groundwater recharge while also allowing needed sustenance to reach tree and plant roots below ground.

Khandesh Pervious Pavement is resilient enough to provide a low slip, spike resistant, comfortable and safe surface, yet firm enough to be suitable for more high impact use from skateboards, strollers, bicycles, golf carts, and automobiles. This low maintenance system is durable, long lasting, and resistant to freeze-thaw.

A variety of Khandesh Pervious Pavement systems have been designed for specific needs and applications.

Khandesh Pervious Rubber Pavement Systems Include

Khandesh Pervious Pavement

Specified at a 1 1/2″ – 2″ thickness using an environmentally safe, non-toxic, proprietary, water-repellent binder, Rubberway® Pervious Pavement will provide years of durable, resilient, attractive, and safe usage. Khandesh Pervious Pavement is available in colours such as black, dark brown, terracotta red, tan, and dark green

Rubberrock 6000 System

The Rubberrock 6000 system incorporates a stone aggregate mixed with pigmented recycled rubber to form a firm, durable surface suitable for light vehicular traffic. This system has been perfected with our proprietary binder that ensures a long lasting surface in which the stones will not come loose over the years. With the proper aggregate, binder, and substrate, this system can handle weight loads up to 80,000 lbs.

Khandesh EVOLUTION System

The Rubberway EVOLUTION system was designed to ensure a long-lasting, durable system that won’t fade over time. This patented system utilizes a top layer of virgin rubber that is solid in colour throughout to eliminate the possibility of the colour wearing over time. This coloured rubber is mixed with rock and a hard, clear, UV stabilized binder and is poured over a base layer of recycled rubber. Thus, this open grid, the rapid draining system has all the advantages of the Rubberrock 6000 system with the additional benefit of guaranteed colour fastness over time.

Suggested Applications Include:

  • parking lot stalls
  • embankments
  • pathways
  • trails
  • driveways